For centuries, precious metals like gold and silver are prized for their unresisted beauty. However, did you know that:

“ This billion-dollar industry has been linked to many negative impacts on our planet due to the unsustainable mining processes”

Brilliant Earth

While many jewellery companies have shifted to more eco-friendly approaches, you can also take steps to protect our environment by giving them nature back your hidden treasures. 

Many jewellery companies offer to buy your unwanted jewellery, recycle and re-make them into new pieces. If you have some old jewellery that you don’t want to wear again, you can sell them for cash or exchange for something else you like. This has a great effect on your personal finance and the environment. By doing this, you take part to reduce the demand for unsustainable mining processes and preserve the planet. If you are looking to go green, the option is in your jewellery box! 

At The Gold Company, we buy your unwanted jewellery in any forms (silver, platinum, and gold…). We also offer you our Price Advantage, which means we promise to pay you the highest gold price of the past week no matter how the market moves.

With The Gold Company, every day is a good day to sell and a good day to go green!


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