Do you have that box of unwanted jewellery that has been forgotten in your jewellery box for years?

Instead of letting sitting there getting dusty and old. Here are three ways to breathe a new life to your old jewellery:

  1. Sell it

Selling your unwanted jewellery is the quickest way to get cash, especially for gold and silver jewellery. Their current market values have been booming. Even that old, boring-looking gold bracelet may turn into a thousand dollars of cash, the newest iPhone model or it might change your life, anything you desire.

  1. Swap it 

The alternative way to breathe a new life to your old jewellery is to trade them, exchanging for a new item. This is not a bad idea if you already have something in mind you want to buy at the jewellery store. Sometimes, you get a better offer in value than selling your jewellery in cash In some cases, you will have to pay for the additional cost to cover the difference between the new item’s value and the trade-in amount

  1. Save it

If you still love your old jewellery but hesitating to wear them just because they are looking a bit old. You can take them to a professional jeweller to clean them or if you decide to do it yourself, ensure that you seek a jewellery expert or get advice from a trustworthy source. Storing them: taking care and storing your jewellery correctly daily will keep their longevity. It’s important that you clean your jewellery after wearing them. Sweat, makeup can affect the colour of the jewellery. Store your jewellery at an appropriate jewellery box or the box that they came in to avoid scratching.

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