“We threw away $57 billion in gold, silver, copper found in E-waste”

United Nations’ Global E-waste Monitor 2020

Could you be throwing away valuable precious metals?

1.Where to find your precious medals?

Silver: Silver can easily be found in your home in more places than you think! From photo frames, cutlery sets or even silver hairbrushes, you could be sitting on a silver mine!

Gold: Gold can be found in much more than your jewellery. Watch links, cigarette cases and gold coins are great examples of hidden wealth around your home.

2. What to do instead


If you don’t use these items, why not have them remade and remodeled into something that you like. Breathe new life into these forgotten pieces or even sell the unused item to purchase something that is more to your taste. Even broken items still hold the same amount of value. So think before you throw!


Did you know that your precious metals could be recycled? The beauty of this process is that it takes part in preserving the environment as mining has a huge negative impact on the environment. It also means less toxic substances to wildlife and us. Recycle your Gold and have it made into Gold bullion, a new piece or a nice chunk of savings.

Want to know a way to improve BOTH your personal finance and the environment? 

Get in touch with us! We – The Gold Company are certified precious metals buyer, who will put your unused precious metals to good uses. And what’s better? You get to exchange your unused items into cash! 

So, rather than throwing away your precious metals, let’s GO GREEN and GET your green profit for it!


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