1.What is Silver Hallmarking? 

Hallmarking is the practice of distinguishing the level of precious medal’s purity in the UK since the twelfth century. It represents Britain’s oldest form of consumer protection.

2. Why is it Important?

Just like gold, silver hallmarking (or standard marking) is one of the most important factors that can identify the quality of the precious metal. The mark shows when and where it was originally produced, also if it is authentic silver. 

Most importantly, hallmarks prove that if your silver jewellery is worth a lot of money or only a couple of dollars. Learning how to decode these hallmarks can allow you to understand more about your treasure.

3. Different Hallmarks

Example of silver hallmarks
Example of silver hallmark

4. Finding the Mark on Your Silver Pieces

  • For silver bracelets and rings, the hallmark is normally located on the interior surface.
  • For necklaces, hallmark can be featured either on the metal tag or near the clasp.
  • Decorative items like trays and vases can be stamped on the bottom of the item.
  • Flatware & cutlery should have the hallmark on the back. 

5. Inspect the Hallmark

Gently use the cotton swab and clean around the hallmark. If needed, use some silver polish solutions. Ensure that the mark can be seen clearly.

6. Identify the Hallmark

Do some research to understand what the hallmark indicates. Understanding and correctly identifying the hallmark is important in understanding the value of your pieces.

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