Take the guesswork out of selling

Is today a good day to sell? This is often the first question we get asked by customers, so we have decided it’s time we took the guesswork out of selling.

We promise to pay you the highest gold price of the past week, no matter how the market moves.

Every day is a good day to sell with The Gold Company. We’re committed to helping you realise financial solutions from your jewellery box, and our price advantage ensures you skip out on the volatility associated with gold and silver.

Do not miss out on extra value for your old gold jewellery just because the market happens to change the day you choose to sell. We watch the market so you don’t have to.

That means that no matter the gold price on the day you sell, our specialists will analyse the gold price from the past week and value your gold according to the highest price point.

We ensure you are always in the best position to sell your gold and silver with our price advantage. Come into our office in the Sydney CBD and meet with one of our trained gold buyer specialists. We will be delighted to have a chat with you about the gold market and how you can use your old gold and silver to find a financial solution.