The world recently witnessed an incredible event in the world of gemstones. A blue diamond, known as the “Bleu Royal,” was sold at an auction for a staggering $68.8 million (about US$43.8 million). This diamond is the largest of its kind, and it’s incredibly rare.


The “Bleu Royal” weighs 17.6 carats and was estimated to be worth up to $78.6 million (about US$50 million) before it was sold. Despite the challenging global situation, the diamond found a buyer at an auction held by Christie’s in Geneva, Switzerland.

What makes the “Bleu Royal” special is its intense blue colour, which is highly sought after in the diamond industry, and its unique pear-shaped cut. Max Fawcett, who heads Christie’s jewellery department in Geneva, said that the diamond checked all the right boxes, which excited collectors from all around the world. The sale was a big success.

The diamond was set in an elegant ring made of platinum and rose gold and adorned with other beautiful diamonds. This was the first time the diamond changed hands in more than 40 years.

The ring’s price was so high that it made up more than half of the total value of all the items sold at the auction. The auction featured many rare jewellery pieces, including the blue diamond, and together they brought in an impressive $121.2 million (about US$77 million). This shows that there’s still a strong market for rare and high-quality items.

Apart from the “Bleu Royal,” there were other valuable jewels at the auction, like a hummingbird brooch with amethyst, turquoise, and diamonds, which sold for $294,000. There were also antique swallow brooches with diamonds, rubies, and garnets, which fetched $362,000. Another piece that stood out was a necklace with sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds, which was sold for $198,000.

In a separate sale the day before, Christie’s sold a Rolex watch that Marlon Brando had worn in a famous movie called “Apocalypse Now.” The watch had the actor’s signature engraved on the back to make sure it wasn’t accidentally swapped during filming. It sold for $7.84 million (4.5 million Swiss francs), even though it had previously sold for two million Swiss francs just two years ago.

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