In the world of luxury fashion, the tradition of stacking fine jewellery alongside timepieces has long been a topic of debate. Some collectors steer clear, concerned about potential scratches and the loss of polish on heirloom watches. However, a growing school of thought, reminiscent of Jane Birkin’s overstuffed Hermès bags, argues that luxury items should be lived in, and matching jewellery can be a beautiful style signature.

Celebrities have been embracing this trend for years. Bella Hadid, known for her chic style, often pairs her beloved gold Cartier Panthère watch with bangles in complementary tones. Influencer Chiara Ferragni, a true maximalist, stacks her timepieces—ranging from vintage Serpenti Bulgari watches to chunky Hublot numbers—with equally spectacular bracelets. On the other end of the spectrum, Meghan Markle, much like the late Princess Diana, opts for a more understated approach, pairing her Cartier Tank Française with an iconic Cartier Love bracelet.

Source: Joshua Sammer

London-based jewellery designer Ananya Malhotra has noticed an increasing demand for custom pieces to complement watches. She personalizes her signature Chakra bracelets, incorporating gemstones that mirror the colours of watch bezels or dials, creating a harmonious blend of elegance.

According to Dimepiece, an Instagram account curated by former Sotheby’s watch specialist Brynn Wallner, the trend of carefully pairing watches and bracelets has been gaining momentum. While some argue that the accessories may eventually scratch each other, others believe in the freedom to style watches as desired.

Nadine Ghosn, an avid watch collector and jeweler known for turning everyday objects into elegant adornments, appreciates the allure of natural wear and love. She often stacks her vintage Vacheron Constantin watch or delicate Cartier Baignoire with towering stacks of gem-studded pieces, creating a unique and personalized look.

For designer Carolina Bucci, matching jewellery and watches is an art form. She embraces the concept of “sprezzatura,” creating a harmonious clash in her style. Bucci pairs her KISS flexible bangles with an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch in frosted yellow gold, emphasizing a shared texture. The result is a relaxed contrast that adds depth to her overall look.

Leading jewellery and watch brands are also embracing this trend, designing pieces to be worn together. Dior Joaillerie’s clasp-free bangles and watches, Bulgari’s Serpenti Viper bangle, and Cartier’s Clash range with matching timepieces are just a few examples of how the industry is responding to the desire for coordinated elegance.

In the end, whether you choose to stack or keep it minimal, as Nadine Ghosn wisely puts it, “every scratch adds to your story.” So, why not enjoy the journey and wear your treasures with pride?


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