Bigger, brighter, and bolder, this season’s go-to jewellery trends were made to turn heads.

Jewellery has the power to transform the vibe of any outfit faster than anything, adding your personal value to a wardrobe. At the same time, if we style it cleverly, jewellery can give an unexpected component of edge or grace. As stylist Solange Franklin says: “If an outfit is a love letter, I think of jewellery as the signature”. So what is the hottest jewellery trends at the moment?

Bold, statement ring
Source: SlowCo

1. Pearls

From daily life to the red carpet, pearl jewellery trends are en vouge. A single pearl earring is chosen by many stylists due to the classic and minimal vibe it brings. More designers are vaunting them in their designs pieces. We have also seen many celebrities with their geometrically shaped pearl earrings, and large hoops.

Source: Amarilo

2.Bold Dangling Earrings

For any season, fringe earrings never fail to upgrade the look in seconds. As we head toward Christmas, bold dangling earrings are great accessories for the festive season.

Source: jewellermagazine

3.Pop of colour

We love seeing coloured stones making a return. adding a playful touch to a simple outfit or balancing a minimalist aesthetic with some pop of colours without being too overt. Coloured jewellery can be a good choice to start for those who want to experiment with their style.

Source: Melissa Kaye

4.Sustainable choices

With the environmental and humanitarian toll of the mining industry, sustainable jewellery is growing in demand. Many people are leaning towards sustainable choices, from recycled jewellery pieces to recycling their unused jewellery and breathing a new life into that piece.

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