Now that you understand different types of luck, here are some timeless principles to make luck your destiny and get rich.

This article is based on the tweetstorm written by the famous entrepreneur and Tech investor, Naval Ravikant. He co-founded AngelList and is an early investor in some Tech unicorns like Uber, Twitter,, Postmate,… You can listen to the audio podcast version here.

Build your character so opportunity finds you

This is all about building a great reputation so that people want to come to you to do deals. It usually comes down to 2 things: skill and integrity.

Skill is a no brainer because no one would want to do deals with an incompetent and unreliable person. So if you are known for your exceptional skills, luck will find you.

For example, if you are an attorney and have an exceptional reputation for your skill in winning difficult cases, your clients (luck) will find you.

But skills are not the only thing you need, people not only need to know that they can trust your ability, but they also need to trust that you will not cheat them.

It is important to be honest, transparent and have high integrity. This be will be reflected in what you do, not what you say. Therefore, act honestly even when you think nobody is watching.

You won’t get rich renting out your time

Our definition of rich is not earning a lot of money. It’s earning money with minimal to no work. To make this possible, you must own income-producing assets

In almost any salaried job, even at one that’s paying a lot per hour like a lawyer, or a doctor. You are still putting in the hours in order to get paid. Therefore, your output is capped and determined by your input.

This means when you are sleeping, you are not earning. Therefore you need to own assets like stocks, bonds, gold or properties in order to become rich.

Live below your means

“People who are living far below their means enjoy a freedom that people busy upgrading their lifestyles just can’t fathom.”

It is important to not upgrading your lifestyle all the time to keep up with the Joneses. People who live below their means can get rich much faster and more importantly, stay rich.

No matter how much you make, you will never get rich if you keep spending all your money. So make sure you live below your means, save your money and invest it wisely.

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