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Source: US Global Investors

Spot Price updates for Gold, Silver, Platinum from 07/02/2021 to 12/02/2021:

$2,390.85 AUD per oz$1,152.37 AUD per kg$1,645.75 AUD per oz
Spot prices this week

You will earn the highest price of the week if you choose to sell with us from 15/02/2021 to 22/02/2021.

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Source: Tiffany & CO

What we buy:

We know diamonds

We specialise in loose diamonds, diamond jewellery, and diamond engagement rings. 
Diamonds are graded and evaluated onsite by the internationally recognised Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia (DCLA), and the value you receive is based on the current diamond market values.

Silver is at an all time high

We see the value in your silver items. We buy silver cutlery, tea sets, bullion, among other items. Ask us if you are not sure!

We buy gold and platinum in any form.

Everything we buy is melted and refined into bullion form. They do not need to be new, in the original box, untarnished, shiny, or even intact. We will happily buy old, broken, scratched and scrap items as well as newer pieces.

Is today a good day to sell? Call us on 02 9020 5150 or request our free, remote GoldPak here.


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