2020 was a challenging year, Covid 19 has thrown many wedding plans into disarray. However, nothing can stop and really assess what’s important here – why you’re getting married in the first place. Moving to 2021, we have adapted to a difficult situation and make it beautiful. Here are top modern wedding trends you will see in 2021.

Weddings in 2021 - what to expect
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1.Micro weddings

What Is A Micro Weddings in 2021?
Source: Little Ginger

Government restrictions aren’t really the bad thing. we will see an increase in intimate, small celebrations in 2021. It will be a time for you to spend meaningful moments and reconnect with your dearest friends and family. COVID 19 has encouraged couples to rethink of what really matters to them, rather than a wedding itself.

2.”This is us” wedding style

Due to the size and the intimated level, modern wedding in 2021 will be an opportunity for couples to showcase their personalities, reflecting their personal style in terms of the styling, the venue, the choices of music and music.

3.Furry friends are welcome

Bringing your pet to your wedding will the a huge trend in 2021.
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This trend is the cutest wedding trend in 2021! Due to the size of the wedding, more and more couples invite their fur friends to join their special days. What’s better than celebrating your love with your pets?

4. Safety comes first

Sanitisers and lots of safety precautions, we can turn these requirements into some cute signages, think about those floral welcome boxes of safety elements for your guests, and little signs that remind so everyone staying safe and healthy!

5.Eco-environmental friendly

Eco-Friendly Weddings: how your wedding can save the environment.
Source: thewhisp.mommyish.com

With more awareness on sustainability, many couples are incorporating sustainable practices into their weddings. Think about recycling elements like compostable and biodegradable packaging and reusable decors.

Are you all for being sustainable and environmentally friendly? Check out the following blog on how you can give back to the environment with your hidden treasures here!


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