It’s the million dollar question. Or is it two million? If you’d ever be so lucky to stumble upon a big pot of gold sitting under a rainbow you’d be looking at 1000 gold coins, and a few wishes heading your way… But exactly how much is a pot of gold really worth?

Striking Gold

With a thousand pieces of gold in your lucky hands, that would be a pretty big fortune to stumble upon. With gold trading at $2832.26 per ounce today, that would look like around $2,832,000.AUD! Let’s face it the chances of coming across a pot of gold are pretty low. But maybe you have your own little pot of gold stashed away looking to be cashed in? An antique ring that doesn’t fit quite right or perhaps it’s a necklace that isn’t with the times. Or maybe it’s a few broken and bent pieces that you think don’t have any value. The hunt for treasure doesn’t have to extend further than your own home, and you neer know, you might just find you have your own pot of gold hiding in your home…


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