Cash for Old Gold: The Quickest Way to Buy a Holiday This Season!

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If you’re wondering about what budget to set for the upcoming holidays, consider the option of cash for old gold. Simply put, you sell old gold in exchange for cash that you can then quickly put to good use for a holiday this summer. Curious about how cash for old gold works out? Look no further. Read on to understand how this simple process works. Follow these steps and you’ll be on that flight to a tropical beach in no time…

How to Sell Gold for Cash

All you need to do is either

(1) Visit our Sydney CBD laboratory in person for immediate valuation and payment for your old gold or any other precious metal or gemstone jewellery,


(2) Request a GoldPak – a secure send-in service for your jewellery.

The Simple Steps to Selling Gold for Cash

When you visit our laboratory, or send in your old gold through a GoldPak, your jewellery will be tested, graded and evaluated by our friendly specialists. Once the the total cash value of your gold and diamonds is determined, you will receive a quick, on the spot offer based on current market values. If, and only if, you are happy with our offer (and we know you will be), you can choose to accept the offer on the spot and receive cash for your old gold right there and then. It’s really that simple.

Why sell old gold to Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold – a subsidiary of The Gold Company Group is the winner of several Service Excellence Awards for its streamlined system that allows you to sell your items with transparency, speed, and confidentiality. The Gold Company Group Price Advantage is well appreciated by our customers who have enjoyed the benefits of selling old gold to us for ready cash on the spot. The Price Advantage simply means – that no matter the gold price on the day you sell, our specialists will analyse the gold price from the past week and value your gold according to the highest price point. So you’ll always get the best gold and silver price within the last seven days for your old jewellery.

What’s the next step?

Drop in for an evaluation for your old gold and let us take care of the rest. Whether it’s jewellery, bullion, silver, nuggets, watches or old broken bracelets, this is the perfect time to decide what stays and what goes. End the year on a high note with a well deserved holiday bought with nothing more than some old gold that’s gathering dust in an old drawer. Cash for old gold is convenient, quick, and – with Pot of Gold’s help – every bit as transparent and profitable as it should be.

Get started here: How to Sell Gold


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