Easter is coming, here are 5 easy tips for you to boost your saving and fund your Easter holiday.

1. Don’t go on your holiday on the Easter long weekend

I know the title said “Easter holiday”, but one of the best tip to have more money to spend on your Easter holiday is not going on a holiday on the Easter weekend. I know this might sound odd, but everyone will try to go away for the long weekend and this is going to drive up the price of flights, accommodation, extra charges in restaurants,…

Especially with the COVID situation now, people won’t be able to go oversea. So the demand for domestic travel will be even higher (supply and demand). Therefore, I would imagine that the price for a domestic holiday will cost you, even more, this year.

So if you can, try to avoid going away on the long weekend. Instead, why not work on that weekend and earn double pay. Then go on your Easter holiday 1-2 weeks after and enjoy the much cheaper prices. You will earn more money and save more money at the same time!!!

2. Try a staycation

As mentioned above, domestic travel is going to be in high demand this Easter. So why not just stay where you are and explore your own “backyard”? It’s time for you to go to that restaurant that you have always wanted to try and be a tourist in your own city.

Go out and discover your city like a tourist would: go to the Opera House, Bondi, Manly, Taronga Zoo, Habour Bridge,… You would be amazed that there are A LOT of things in your city that you have never done!! This will save you money on transport and accommodation and leave more funds for you to spend on food, drinks and activities this Easter.

3. Save save save

It is hard to go on an Easter holiday without any money saved. Saving is the most important aspect out of the 3 key pillars in personal finance (saving, making and investing). You should always try to spend less than what you earn. This sound super obvious, but a lot of people are not doing it.

Just think of yourself as a business, you have your income and expenses. If your expenses are always higher than your income, you are basically making a loss every year. I am sure that non of you want a business that makes a loss every year, so don’t do it to yourself.

The key to saving is ALWAYS PAY YOURSELF FIRST. Not Nike, Amazon, Apple, your landlord, your boyfriend/girlfriend,… You. This means setting aside a part of your pay (20-30%) every time you received it and put it in a separate saving account.

― George S. Clason, The Richest Man in Babylon

Got no saving? See tip number 5.

4. Don’t pay full price

While Easter is when most of the service sectors drive up their prices, this is also when the consumer goods sector have their sales. So if you got eyes something that you need (like me), but haven’t bought it yet due to the hefty price. This is a good time to pull the trigger and bring it home.

Online shopping makes it so easy to find bargain these days, but this can also be a double-edged sword. You can easily overspend and buy things that you don’t actually need. So the key here is ONLY BUY WHAT YOU REALLY NEED.

5. Sell things that you don’t need

If you have got no saving, this is the quickest way for you to boost it. We are all guilty to buy things that we don’t need. So, look around your house, I bet you will find quite a few things that you don’t need and can sell for decent money. A good test for this would be “Have I use it in the last year?”

Here at The Gold Company, we buy all kinds of precious metals and stones in any form. Diamonds, Gold, Silver, and Platinum,… You name it. We also offer a FREE valuation for your precious metals and stones. If you want to sell it to us, awesome. But if not, cool no questions asked.

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