How many diamonds you can have in 1 ring? 1? 20 or 50?

Kozhikode-based jewellery business SWA Diamonds has smashed a sparkling Guinness World Record for the “Most Diamonds Set in One Ring” on 5 May 2022. This masterpiece is named “Ami”, featuring a whopping 24,679 diamonds.

A ring with 12,638 diamonds sets a Guinness World Record - CNN Style
Source: CNN

Ami’s design was based on a pink oyster mushroom. With this theme, “the ring represents immortality and longevity”, explained Abdul Gafur Anadiyan, Managing Director at SWA Diamonds.

Weighting about 340 grams and is valued at around $95,243. The process to create this masterpiece was spectacular, the structure of the ring was assembled by pouring liquid gold into a 3D-printed mould to form the mushroom petals. Each petal was ornamented by hand with all-natural diamonds.

Jeweller breaks sparkling record with 24,679 diamonds in one ring | Guinness  World Records
Source: Guinness World Records

The record-breaking ring brought a shining example of craftsmanship and has set the standard of this industry to no limit. What epic piece will break the record next?

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