Aether Diamonds - The world’s first carbon-negative diamonds
Source: Aether Diamonds Facebook

Diamond’s might be a girl’s best friend but not so much of a friend to the environment. Diamond mining, in general, devastates our landscapes by producing a huge amount of toxic waste.

Thanks to the evolution of technology, the alternatives to mined diamonds have been invented. These lab-grown diamonds have the same appearance and optical characteristics as natural mined diamonds.

Aether -a luxury jewellery start-up presented the world’s first carbon-negative diamonds. From pollution to solution, Aether diamonds are made from excess carbon dioxide and have identical physical and chemical characteristics as natural diamonds.

The future of fine jewelry, designed for humans and the planet. 

Aether’s vision is to “believe in the power of humans to create real change” and “what you wear reflects the future you have a hand in creating”.

Now that what we call the future of luxury jewellery. Aether’s first sell out collection is featured below:

Ascent Diamond Ring
Source: Aetherdiamonds
Horizon Double Diamond Ring
Source: Aetherdiamonds

Are you all for being sustainable and environmentally friendly? Check out the following blog on how you can give back to the environment with your hidden treasures here!


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