When it comes to gemstones and jewellery in general, there are many myths that surround them. Whether it’s an old wives tale or misinformation the Gold Company are here to debunk the most popular myths about jewellery.

  • Myth #1

“You can tell whether that gold is pure or not just by biting it”

Fashion high polished shiny 18k gold plated band couple rings 316L sta

The purer the gold, the softer it will be. This myth is somewhat true. However, the quality of a gold jewellery piece can’t be defined by just biting it. Some other metals like lead are as soft as gold and there are many cases of unethical practices of painting lead with a gold colour to scam buyers. Therefore, it is very important to visit a trustworthy gold buyer/jeweller to evaluate the purity of your gold jewellery.

  • Myth 2

” Diamonds are indestructible”

Sheetal Diamonds White Real Natural I1/G Loose Diamond, Size: 5.1mm  (approx), Rs 63650 /carat | ID: 7080574733

This is one of the widespread myths relating to diamonds. Even though diamonds score a 10 on the Moh’s scale of hardness, they aren’t indestructible. Diamonds can also be broken or scratched due to planes of relative weakness known as cleavage planes. The great news is, these are all repairable!

  • Myth 3

” There are 3 colours of gold”

White Gold vs Yellow Gold vs Rose Gold Rings

Gold, white and rose gold, are they all colours of gold? Pure gold only has one colour, and that is yellow. Coloured gold jewellery is actually just a mixture of the metal compound!

  • Myth 4

“Pearls can only be produced by oysters”

Organic Gems Part II: Pearls - Jeweller Magazine: Jewellery News and Trends

Even though the majority of high-quality pearls are produced by oysters, the Melo Melo marine snail or the Queen conch Strombus Gigas and the Haliotis Iris can also produce pearls.

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