The global pandemic has caused a large amount of pressure and stress, especially to our economics and personal finances. If you are looking to get some cash or build up your savings for the uncertain future, exchanging some of your old jewellery can be the quickest and easiest idea to start.

Now is also a great time to sell, especially gold and silver. The price of gold is at its peak and has never been greater in Australia; this is going to be a big blooming year of the gold industry (source: ABC 2020). And silver has followed suit, with prices increasing alongside gold. Here are some reasons why selling your jewellery is a great way to improve your saving and fight COVID: 

1. Quick and Easy

People sell their jewellery for many reasons, maybe it is associated with a bad memory or there is an unexpected financial emergency. Whatever your reasons are, this is the quickest way to ease that burden and improving your personal finance. 

2.  You Don’t Use Them

What would you rather have? A box of unwanted jewellery collecting dust or turn that unwanted item into real cash that you can spend on that new pair of shoes, or maybe your car needs a new set of tyres.

Having your jewellery laying around could end up costing you in the long run. Many people end up with an accumulation of old jewellery that gets forgotten about or in many cases thrown away! Even broken, scratched and damaged items hold real value.

It’s simple, if you don’t need them and you are not giving these pieces the wear and life they deserve, don’t let them clutter around in your sock draw, exchange them for their monetary value and breathe new life into these old pieces.

3.  At an All Time High

Unlike other assets, precious metals have a history of keeping their value, with very little decrease in value over the years. They have a great potential for return and with Gold and Silver prices at an all time high, now is a perfect time to cash in that hidden savings.

4. Find your Hidden Value

Whether you chose to sell your pieces or not, understanding the value of these hidden assets can be a great way to discover savings that you didn’t know you had. Get your pieces appraised and seek advice from an expert, because you never know the pot of gold you could be sitting on…

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