1.What is it?

Gold hallmark and stamps have been used for thousands of years by Gold jewellery makers. They are used to identify the type and quality of the Gold used in a piece of jewellery.

2.Why do we need it?

With all the technology and data these days, why do we still need Gold hallmarks on jewellery? Because it is a very simple and efficient way for a non-expert to tell the quality of the Gold Jewellery.

The hallmark makes it easier for us to determine the value of the jewellery when we want to buy or sell.

3.Different Gold hallmarks

Anatomy of a Hallmark

4.Where to look for it?

  • For bracelets, watches and rings, the hallmark is normally located on the interior surface.
  • For necklaces, hallmark can be featured either on the tag or near the clasp.
Gold Hallmark

5.What should we look for?

The most important thing to look for is the purity grade. Gold purity grade can range from 250 (low purity) to 999 (high purity). So 999 means the Gold purity is 99.9% or higher.

gold purity chart.

Some of the jewellery also includes a 2 digits number range from 6-24, this indicates the Gold Carat. Again, the higher, the purer the Gold and 24 carats are the finest, purest form of gold possible.

It is important to know what does the Hallmark on your Jewellery means. It helps you to know more about the history and the quality of your jewellery. This will become handy when you looking to liquidate your jewellery for some extra cash.

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