silver Jewellery care guide

Silver is a beautiful precious metal that needs a little more love to keep its brilliant shine. Follow our top tips to keep your silver sparkling.

1.Understand the silver digits

Hold your silver piece, look for three-digit numbers. If the three-digit numbers are .925, it means that your silver piece contains at least 92,5% of pure silver.  Sterling silver tends to be sturdier and doesn’t require as much care as 950 sterling silver. In contrast, the 950 sterling silver piece needs extra caution because of its increased purity.

2. Keep your silver piece out of water

Pure water itself won’t damage sterling silver but the chemicals and contaminants can tarnish it. Therefore, don’t wear your silver jewellery to the swimming pool and shower. If your silver jewellery gets wet, dry it first before wearing it.

3. Proper storage

Keep your silver jewellery in a place without high humidity and high heat. Store each piece individually in its own jewellery pouch or air-tight bags. Don’t forget to unclasp your jewellery to avoid potential scratching.

4. Polish your silver jewellery

Simple clean your silver jewellery with a microfiber cloth or special jewellery cloth that is made specifically for your piece. Avoid using any chemicals if you are unsure.  If posible, seek expert advice on how to clean your silver jewellery properly.

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