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DCLA diamond evaluations

To sell diamonds in Australia, The Gold Company recommends a DCLA report. The DCLA is the only worldwide recognised diamond certification laboratory, grading diamonds to the rules and standards set out by the International Diamond Council (IDC) and World Jewelry Confederation (CIBJO). If you do not have a DCLA report, don’t worry – our Sydney CBD location has a state-of-the-art DCLA diamond certification and testing facility onsite. Your diamonds and diamond jewellery will be assessed free of charge to ensure that we offer you the fairest price when you’re ready to sell diamonds. 

Both face-to-face and Mail-in diamond service

The Gold Company invites you to visit us in person to sell diamonds, or request a GoldPak which consists of all you need to safely send your diamonds to us for assessment. Please feel free to include any grading reports with the diamond(s) or diamond jewellery you bring or send in, but please note that when you sell diamonds, valuations are not the same as a grading report from a recognised laboratory. Learn More

DCLA gemmologists will assess your diamonds and gemstone jewelry within the laboratory while you wait, after which a GoldCompany specialist will value the items. Upon acceptance, your transaction is immediately processed in your nominated payment method (cash, cheque, or bank transfer).

If not able to see us personally, please request a GoldPak for safe, insured transportation of the diamonds and gemstone jewellery to us.

Value of diamonds

As for the actual value, the 4C’s of diamond grading determine the value when you sell diamonds – namely, the carat weight, cut quality, colour, and clarity. The Gold Company uses the 4C’s along with the wholesale value to the trade to work out the price offered when you sell diamonds. ‘Wholesale value to the trade’ is determined based on the regularly released Rapaport Diamond Report, the principal source of diamond market information and pricing. The Rapaport Diamond Report is the worldwide standard utilized by diamond traders to determine gemstone prices in all diamond marketplaces. When you buy or sell diamonds, this is the report that reflects the prices that diamonds are currently trading at.

Learn more about the value of diamonds

Looking for a place to Sell Diamonds? Gold Company doesn’t merely accept gold as our name implies, we also readily and happily accept diamonds. Whether you are selling outdated diamond rings, old engagement rings, broken diamond earrings, unwanted diamond pendants or diamonds on their own, Gold Company will gladly perform a valuation of the items if you want to sell diamonds.

We also aren’t fussy about the condition of your diamonds – perfectly shiny, chipped, dull or just forgotten about stones are worth something to us. If you want to Sell Diamonds feel free to fill out our forms, post them to us and earn money in return. Gold Company has made it very easy to Sell Diamonds.

All diamonds submitted to The Gold Company for assessment are graded by the Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia (DCLA) and evaluated according to size and quality. To sell diamonds for fair value, it is important to have an accurate assessment as small differences in grades can translate into large differences in value. 

The GoldCompany Difference

  • We buy your Gold and Diamonds and Silver and Platinum
  • Refiners, not middlement
  • No obligation or costs to you – ever
  • Highest price guarantee
  • Five ways to get your gold to us, send-in & on-site
  • Guaranteed insurance protection up to $15,000
  • Immediate, same-day payment for both walk-ins & send-ins
  • Online GOLDTrak system to keep you informed
  • Email & SMS updates throughout the process
  • Unparalleled turnaround time
  • Three generations of experience
  • Internationally recognised reputation under the DCLA
  • We manufacture & sell investment gold
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