DCLA Diamond Evaluations

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Both face-to-face and Mail-in diamond service

The Gold Company invites you to visit us in person to sell diamonds, or request a secure GoldPak. Your diamonds and diamond jewellery will be assessed free of charge to ensure that we offer you the fairest price when you’re ready to sell diamonds. 

Value of diamonds

The 4C’s of diamond grading determine the value when you sell diamonds – namely, the carat weight, cut quality, colour, and clarity. The Gold Company uses the 4C’s to work out the price offered when you sell diamonds.

We buy diamonds

Whether you are selling outdated diamond rings, old engagement rings, broken diamond earrings, unwanted diamond pendants or diamonds on their own, Gold Company will gladly perform a valuation of the items if you want to sell diamonds.

We also aren’t fussy about the condition of your diamonds – perfectly shiny, chipped, dull or just forgotten about stones are worth something to us.

All diamonds submitted to The Gold Company are assessed by the Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia (DCLA) and evaluated according to size and quality.