What is your Silver Worth?

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Gold prices have hit a record high in July this year, but it looks like silver is set to outshine gold. Both precious metals are soaring well beyond expectations and silver is looking to make a comeback. With silver at a high, and looking to soar even further, now is a great time to find out what your silver is worth.

At the Gold Company we not only buy all things gold, but also diamonds, platinum, and silver. Silver is a highly sought-after international commodity and with the price continuing to increase many investors are selling up their silver stock. This surge is great news for you, as it means that all that old silver you have lying around your house, taking up space is worth something. Maybe it is that bracelet that has dated over the years, or even some broken pieces that would have otherwise ended up in the bin!

Silver is a valuable commodity, and when we evaluate your silver, we do not look at the state it is in, we merely weigh it. We can value any kind of silver from pendants, bracelets to tableware and trays! As the Gold Company, we will offer you top prices for all your silver goods, regardless of whether they are broken, scratched, bent or buckled.

Find out what your old silver is worth by contacting us at the Gold Company to give you the absolute best price.


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