Established in the 19th century, The Perth Mint is the largest fully integrated, innovative precious metals enterprise in Australia. Let’s have a look at their most magnificent coin collections:

1. The Jewelled Koi (2022)

The Jewelled Koi 2022   The Perth Mint
Source: The Perth Mint Australia

The Jewelled is the fifth launch from the exclusive range of diamond-studded coins, meaning this masterpiece is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious collections up to date. With a combination of two Western Australian icons – Argyle Pink Diamonds™ and The Perth Mint, this Jewelled Koi represents the perfect balance of harmony and happiness.

2. The Jewelled Horse (2021)

Jewelled Horse   The Perth Mint
Source: The Perth Mint Australia

For millennia, the horse has played a significantly potent role in Chinese culture. Symbolising courage, nobility and power, the magnificent Jewelled Horse was designed to honour this. This coin combines the beauty of pure gold and Argyle pink diamonds.

3. The Jewelled Phoenix (2018)

Jewelled Phoenix 2018   The Perth Mint

Source: The Mint Australia

One of the very first coins in the collection, the Jewelled Phoenix illustrates the virtues of the eternal king of birds. This mint celebrates the harbinger of happiness and prosperity. Sculpted with a breathtaking combination of precious metals with 18-carat rose gold adorned with pavé set Argyle Pink Diamonds™. 

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