scrap gold

What is Scrap Gold?

Is it worthless or is it actually worth something? If you have found a small piece of jewellery on the ground, chances are that it is some sort of scrap gold. Scrap gold refers to any item that contains gold that no longer has its original marketed form. For example, a broken gold necklace can no longer be used as a necklace, however the gold still has value. It can be sent to a refinery to be melted down and recycled into something new!

How to Sell it?

So, you have identified that you have scrap gold at home. Great! Now what can you do with it? Selling scrap gold can be an easy and lucrative way to turn unwanted jewellery and other small items into money for you. However, not everyone will want to buy your scrap gold. You will need to speak to an expert who can give you the best value. At the Gold Company, we have more than 75 years experience in the precious metals and diamond industry. You can even get your scrap gold valued from the comfort of you home with our GoldPak. Simply request a GoldPak and we will send you out a package to post back to us. We will then provide an obligation free valuations. You can either accept or we will post back the item at no cost!

Speak to the Experts

Scrap gold is an excellent way to earn some extra cash. It’s very easy as well. Selling your scrap gold is something that a lot of people do nowadays, and they are not disappointed by their earnings. But if you are considering making this move, it is best to speak to an expert so that you are getting the best possible price. When selling any type of gold, even selling gold coins, speak to the Gold Company Group to get the best price. We even have a new app for online valuations! Check out AcuVal for valuations from the palm of your hands.


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