With talks of recession, high inflation, and rising interest rates, making smart and safe investments can be difficult in an unpredictable market in Australia. Of all the different types of financial investments out there, investing in gold is one of the most popular. Gold offers stability and protection at a time when many other financial investments seem to be on shaky ground.

Millions of people are now looking for ways to invest in gold. A lot of people worry about where they should go to buy and sell gold. The truth is that buying and selling gold isn’t as hard as it seems to be, or as you might have heard. We have taken the guesswork out of it and below are our 5 ways to buy and sell gold from our experts:

1. Owning Shares in Gold Mines

One of the most popular gold investment strategies is owning shares in gold mines. Buying shares in exploration and development companies, allows investors to participate in gold production. Owning shares is a less liquid way to invest in gold and can be done online. There is double profit when investing in shares as you benefit from rising gold prices and when gold is mined! However, it can be risky as shares in any industry can be volatile.

2. Gold Bullion

Gold bullion allows you to add precious metals to your investment portfolio. Most people look to invest in gold as a way to store capital. Buying physical bullion means you can put some capital away for the future and save yourself from the effects of inflation. However, buyers have to be prepared to take on storing your gold bullion safely in a vault and ensuring that it is insured. If you want to buy gold bullion, having peace of mind gives you are better way forward. Ensuring that you speak to a reputable dealer when purchasing gold is the best option. First Gold are the experts in Gold bullion and can create savings plans that put your financial future in your hands.

3. Gold Futures

Gold futures are financial products that allow investors to capitalise on the gold price. While owning the physical metal is a good way to invest in gold, it is costly to purchase and difficult to store and insure. Whilst gold futures can look like a great investment choice, there are a lot of risks that are involved. Firstly, hedging prices are unpredictable and can change dramatically over time. Essentially, a gold future contract is an agreement between seller and buyer to make a transaction on a fixed price as a specified time in the future. As a result, you are at the hands of the market which can result in a loss by the time the gold is sold. To find out more head to First Gold for an in depth discussion on the topic.

4. Sell Your Unwanted Gold and Silver

Gold and silver are valuable assets that never go out of style or down in value. Getting a great price for your gold and silver items will allow you invest in other things. Or get instant cash! When selling your unwanted gold and silver it is best to speak to an expert to get the right price.

Request a GoldPak or book in a consultation for a free valuation for your precious items.

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