What is a diamond sparkle?

The most exquisite essence of a diamond is its “sparkle”, or brilliance. This is what puts diamonds apart from other gems. Diamond brilliance refers to the light reflected off the diamond’s surfaces. 

Not all diamond sparkle the same way, some are more likely to have a more prominent, noticeable sparkle than others. Why is that?

The secret of a diamond’s brilliance is held in its facets. These flat sides serve like mirrors, reflecting the brilliant white light to create that magical dazzle. In a short answer: a diamond’s brilliance depends on its ability to reflect light, hence, the diamond shape plays a key role in defining its sparkle.

What diamond shape sparkles the most? 

Round Brilliant Cut

This beautiful classy cut has been around since 1700s and is the most famous cut that is engineered to deliver the most possible sparkle from its inception. A standard round-cut diamond can include up to 58 facets, excellent symmetry ensures the best light performance thoughtfully. Also, the circular shape makes it suitable for different types of ring settings. Timeless and classy, round brilliant cut jewellery never goes out of style.

Source: Only Natural Diamonds

Princess diamond cut

Found in 1960s, this cut is one of the modern diamond shapes and was invented by Arpad Nagy, a London diamond cutter.

Princess diamond cut comes second in the list and is well-known for its beautiful sparkle. Some princess diamond cuts can have up to 58 facets, similar to the classic round brilliant cut. This cut is quite geometric and can offer a very similar level of brilliance but cost less than round diamonds. 

Source: WP Diamond

Oval, Marquise, Pear, Heart cut diamond

Unique cuts can be seen as great alternative versions of the brilliant round shape diamond. The patterns of facets are designed to reflect as much light as possible. Great alternatives and good value money for a lower cost.

Among them, oval cut diamonds have earned popularity in recent years and are chosen by celebrities like Blake Lively and Hailey Bieber. This exquisite cut is unique and can offer excellent brilliance and style.

Another shape that is quite popular is the Pear shape diamond, whilst the marquise diamond shape is a great choice for vintage designs.

Surprisingly, the heart shape diamond wasn’t fully developed until the early 1900s. Today, this diamond cut is becoming more favoured as it represents the ultimate symbol of love and loyalty.

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