Caring for your gold jewellery can be a little daunting, especially when you’re dealing with different karat weights and precious gems. But fear not! We’ve gathered expert tips from jewellery professionals to help you clean your gold pieces safely and effectively.

Know Your Metals and Gems

Before diving into the cleaning process, it’s crucial to understand the metals and gemstones in each piece. This knowledge will guide you in choosing the right cleaning method for your beloved jewellery.

Karat Weight Doesn’t Matter

Don’t stress over the karat weight of your gold jewellery. While higher-karat gold may be softer, as a wearer, you won’t notice much difference in the cleaning process. Regardless of the karat weight, proper care will ensure your jewellery lasts for generations.

Regularly Polish 9-Karat Gold

If you adore 9-karat gold pieces, be prepared to clean them more frequently as lower-grade gold tends to tarnish faster. Keeping a gold cleaning cloth handy will help you maintain that lovely bright hue when it starts to fade.

Simple Cleaning for Plain Gold

For plain gold pieces, maintaining that sparkling shine is easy. Regularly clean them in warm soapy water, allowing them to soak for a few minutes to lift off any dirt. If you have an ultrasonic cleaner, it can work wonders for reaching those hard-to-reach spots.

Extra Care for Gem-Set Jewellery

When it comes to gem-set pieces, especially those with soft and porous gemstones like pearls and emeralds, extra caution is necessary. Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners on pearls, opals, and emeralds, as they can cause damage. Instead, use warm to hot water with a gentle soap and a soft-bristled toothbrush for cleaning.

Enamelled Gold Needs Gentle Treatment

Enamelled gold jewellery requires special care, as enamel is essentially glass. Avoid ultrasonic cleaners, as they can crack the enamel. Also, be mindful of harsh soaps that could cause stains or discolouration. Treat your enamelled pieces with care to preserve their beauty.

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