Choosing an engagement ring is one of the most exciting moments of your life. The ring setting is the first decision you should make in the process as it will determine to some extent how your diamond ring will look like and the type of diamond that is the best option for your ring. 

Ring settings can vary in appearance, depending on your personality and style. Choosing a unique setting style is the best way to showcase our sparkler.

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What is a ring setting?

A ring setting usually refers to the way the stone is secured onto a metal band. Imagine your ring setting like a picture frame, it is designed to rescue and hold your diamonds in place. It also highlights the beauty of your stone and contributes overall aesthetic. When it comes to ring settings, there are many styles to strike your fancy and personal preferences. 

What are the different ring settings?

Prong Setting & Solitaire Setting

This is one of the timeless and versatile settings, it features a little metal claw that securely curves over the stone’s surface to hold it in place. This style of setting commonly features 4 or 6 metal prongs. Prongs can be in many shapes including round, pointed, flat, or V-shaped depending on your liking.

A huge pro for this ring style is that it works well with several diamond shapes and sizes. Prong setting can increase the stone’s brilliance, fire and sparkle by enabling maximum light to pass through the diamond. 

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Halo setting

Another classic ring setting, a halo engagement ring generally features one centre stone framed, hugged by small round accent diamonds. This setting gives an illusion of a larger centre stone so it’s a perfect choice if you are looking to increase the overall sparkle of a small diamond. 

Source: Tiffany

Pavé setting 

Pavé comes from the French word for “pavement”, this type of bead setting features rows of several tiny stones that form tiny beads around each diamond to secure them into the holes. This is a great option to elevate a simple band and add little extra sparkle.

Source: Monroe Yorke

Tension Setting

This setting refers to the metal band that secures the diamond in place, creating the illusion that the stone is floating between the split shank of the band. Security is the biggest advantage of this tension-style setting since they use a prong setting on the side of the ring or underneath the diamond to hold the diamond firmly in place.

Which ring setting is your favourite? If you need advice on how to choose a ring setting type or how to pick the best one for your ring, contact us at 02 9020 5150 today.


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