The largest pink diamond ever discovered, dubbed the Lulo Rose, was found in Angola earlier this month. The 910 carat diamond was unearthed by ASX-listed Lucapa Diamond Company.

Lucapa Diamond Company have a long history in unearthing hidden treasure and making historic discoveries of rare and unique stones. Managing director said that is was an “exceptional” recovery and “truly a gift”.

The diamond will be sold at international auction, with it likely to fetch a sparkling price.

Whilst we may not all have the largest pink diamond sitting in our backyard, hidden treasure exists within our own homes, with many people not realising the wealth that they are sitting on. Old diamonds, broken jewellery can all be reused, recycled or transformed into something almost as dazzling as the Lulo Rose.

What to do with your Hidden Treasures?


Recycling old metal and gemstones is a great way to turn the neglected into something shiny and new. Perhaps it needs a full re-make into a new unique piece, or maybe just needs a clean. We can help transform your old jewellery into something new and beautiful, so you can enjoy it again. With over 75 years of experience in the diamond industry we are the leading experts in remodels and remakes.


Perhaps you have some hidden treasure but they aren’t quite meeting your expectations. Why not upgrade to a new piece? We have access to wholesale diamonds from a range of industry experts and suppliers and can help you find the perfect piece for that special someone or just to treat yourself.


Diamonds are beautiful, but they’re also very valuable. So, when you want to get rid of them, it shouldn’t be hard or stressful. Nor should you worry “am I getting the right price?” Speak to the experts in the business and ensure you are getting the right price. At the Gold Company we will make sure you get the full value for your items.

Request a GoldPak today and have your item valued from the comfort of your home!


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