Can I remodel an antique diamond ring? This is the question that we often get asked. 

Perhaps you have inherited the ring as a family heirloom but you don’t quite like the style or you are looking for something different. There are many reasons to consider remodelling your diamond jewellery. Fortunately, there are many ways you can remodel antique ring and give it a new beginning.

Antique diamond ring

What to expect during the process?

The process always begins with an initial consultation with a jewellery specialist to understand your vision. Our tip is to bring in any inspirations and concepts to your initial meeting for reference. Don’t be afraid to express your ideas! If there are several jewellery items you would like to remodel, you could also consider melting them down and combining the metals to form a new piece. 

Not all precious stones can be reused or remodelled due to the damage acquired over time. Most experienced jewellers will first assess the condition of your jewellery and advise you on any possible risks before proceeding. During the discussion, you will receive a sketch of the design concept based on your ideas and a price guide accordingly.

After all, remodelling is such a versatile process to breathe fresh life into your antique piece while preserving its sentimental value. If you are looking for advice on whether you should remodel your antique jewellery speak to the experts. contact us on 02 9020 5150 for a no-obligation consultation with one of our specialists. 


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