The 2023 Met Gala was not only a tribute to Karl Lagerfeld but also a showcase of remarkable jewellery moments by the stars. The red carpet glittered with diamonds, making it a night of dazzling accessories.

Source: Vouge

Dua Lipa’s Iconic Tiffany Diamond Necklace

Dua Lipa made a stunning appearance with Tiffany & Co.’s new Legendary Diamond necklace. This platinum masterpiece, boasting over 100 carats, drew inspiration from the famed yellow Tiffany Diamond donned by legends like Beyoncé and Audrey Hepburn. A true embodiment of elegance.

Soucre: Forbes

Rihanna’s Exquisite Bulgari High Jewellery

Rihanna opted for opulence, adorning herself with a Bulgari High Jewellery necklace in platinum. This masterpiece featured five pear diamonds, 118 Akoya cultured pearls, 109 round diamonds, 561 fancy shape diamonds, and pavé-set diamonds. A symphony of gemstones that radiated sheer luxury.

Source: InStyle

Priyanka Chopra’s Dazzling Blue Diamond Necklace

Priyanka Chopra sported another Bulgari High Jewellery necklace, showcasing the rare and spectacular Bulgari Laguna Blu Diamond. This 11.16-carat blue diamond, valued over $25 million, added an irresistible allure to her ensemble.

Source: Harper’s BAZAAR

Michaela Coel’s Heritage Gold Pieces

Michaela Coel celebrated her Ghanaian heritage by wearing Emefa Cole’s responsibly sourced gold pieces. Her gold headpiece, earrings, and cocktail ring showcased not just elegance, but also cultural pride.

Source: Harper’s BAZAAR

Lil Nas X’s Daring Crystal Ensemble

Lil Nas X stole the spotlight with his audacious choice. Adorned in 218,784 round flatback Swarovski crystals layered over silver body paint, he created an electrifying and unforgettable look.

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