Space Diamonds (AP Photo)

Australian scientists have confirmed the existence of diamonds in space. Lonsdaleite, a diamond that is thinner than the width of a human hair, has been confirmed to exist in space. This discovery could revolutionise the mining and manufacturing of diamonds.

Professor Andrew Tomkins from Monash University has confirmed this discovery stating “We’ve proven beyond doubt that [the diamonds] exist, he told AAP. The existence of these diamonds had been speculated for a long time, but due to the minute size of the diamond it has been difficult to prove. “Now we’ve found these quite large particles we can look at it properly” said Professor Tomkins.

The origins of the diamond have been traced to a meteorite colliding with a dwarf planet around 4.5 billion years ago. Unlike traditional diamonds that are cubic in atomic structure, these space diamonds are hexagonal in structure. It is believed that this shape makes the lonsdaleite stronger than other diamonds.

In fact, this discovery could lead to advances in technologies, including the creation of ultra-hard machine parts with the strong diamonds being used for cutting. It could also give us a greater glimpse into the universe and its creation. Plus who wouldn’t like to have a space diamond on their hand!

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